Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mulch can I color with New Mulch In A Bottle™?
New Mulch In A Bottle™ is intended for any organic mulch including bark, pine straw, compost, etc.

How long will New Mulch In A Bottle™ last?
You can typically expect it to last at least 9 months after application. This may depend on how much direct sunlight and rainfall the mulch receives. New Mulch In A Bottle™ is designed to be re-applied periodically or annually to maintain bright and fresh-looking mulch and to keep the color true.

Is New Mulch In A Bottle™ safe to use on my flower beds or around trees?
Yes, New Mulch In A Bottle™ is environmentally friendly. It will not kill or harm plants, flowers, trees, etc., although it may color them, so be careful to spray it only on mulch.

What amount of coverage can I expect to get with a bottle of New Mulch In A Bottle™?
You can expect to cover approximately 500 to 700 square feet depending on whether you are re-coloring previously dyed mulch or coloring mulch for the first time. It will also depend on how porous or absorbent the material being colored is, as well as thickness of application and desired color.

How long does it need to dry?
Allow at least 6 hours of drying time after application. Additionally, make sure mulch is dry prior to application and avoid use in rainy conditions.

Can I use New Mulch In A Bottle™ in a sprayer I have previously used for weed killer or pesticide?
It is not recommended because residual chemicals in a pre-used sprayer may harm plants or flowers. If you choose to use a pre-used sprayer be careful to spray only what you want to color and avoid spraying plants or flowers.

Will New Mulch In A Bottle™ stain my clothing?
Yes. We recommend that you use old clothing while applying New Mulch In A Bottle™.

Will New Mulch In A Bottle™ stain my concrete, brick or wood surfaces?
Yes, it will stain concrete, brick or wood so always use care when spraying around surfaces other than mulch. Use a spray shield such as cardboard, cloth or plastic when spraying around sensitive surfaces.